From our Dog to yours

We know you love your dog and we love our dogs too. And because of that, we know you want the best for your dog. At "FetchYourDogABone.com" our philosophy is that, if we would not give it to our dogs, we wouldn't give it to your dog.  Our company,"FetchYourDogABone.com", has been long in the making. We have conducted a thorough testing process using our own family dogs.  So after clipping your dog’s toenails or after a well-behaved visit to the vet or groomer, give your dog the best treat from the best natural dog bone company in the world, "FetchYourDogABone.com".




Why Choose "Fetch Your Dog A Bone"?

At"FetchYourDogABone.com" we were so confident that dogs would choose our bones over the national competitor’s bone that we created the first-ever “Ultimate Dog bone Challenge”! Sure enough, the K-9 contestants proved that bones from "FetchYourDogABone.com" were superior. Try it for yourself: put our bone and the national competitor's bone in front of your dog. We are confident they will choose a bone from "FetchYourDogABone.com".

"FetchYourDogABone.com" is a premium dog bone company. We specialize in natural dog bones and set the new standard for dog treats. After feeding your dog one of our bones, your dog will leave the competitor's bone in the bowl. "FetchYourDogABone.com" treats are 100% natural beef, pork and lamb bones with all-natural flavoring and scents. These bones are smoked and slow-roasted to perfection in a real working smokehouse. A healthier, better tasting dog bone will not be found on the market today. Our bones are smoked and slow-roasted with bits and pieces of meat left on for a tasty, meaty and natural flavor, sure to satiate your dog’s large appetite. Our bones are smoked at a precise temperature, vacuum-sealed  and packaged to ensure a safe and healthy treat for your dog. Satisfy your dog’s natural and primitive instincts with an all-natural bone from "FetchYourDogABone.com".


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Benefits of Natural 

Bones have been part of  canines’ diets for as long as they have existed. Primitive canines tracked, attacked and killed their prey to survive. Today their diets consist of cheap, packaged, corn-based pet foods. Incorporating all-natural products into your dog’s meals can aid in creating a well-balanced diet for your four-legged friend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Other benefits include…              

  • Aiding in dental health by removing plaque from hard-to-reach teeth.
  • A treat that will add an all-natural ingredient to your dog's diet.
  • Easily satiates your dog's large appetite.
  • Relieves boredom and entertains your dog for hours.
  • Replaces the corner of your couch, your shoe or other valuable item as a chew.