Sampler Pack—7 Bones SAVE ON FREE SHIPPING!


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Beef Marrow Bone, Beef Femur Slice, Beef Knuckle, Beef Rib,  Pork Leg, Pork Shoulder, and Lamb Leg Bone.

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Searching for a healthier treat for your dog? Fetch your dog a bone! All natural safe and healthy dog treat and chew. No artificial flavors or additives. This will be the best gift you will ever give your dog, he/she will love you forever! Let your dog decide which bone he/she likes best. Plus, these bones can be frozen and kept for later.

Price includes free shipping.

Advice for use: Supervise use. Even though our bones are prepared to minimize splintering, if splintering should occur, immediately remove the item from your pet, and discard any fragments.




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